Architects and Architectural Technologists

Architects and Architectural Technologists

When a homeowner decides it is time to complete a somewhat major renovation, it is best if they use the services of an architectural technologist or architect. These types of projects include room additions or work on a garage or other exterior work.

What are the roles of architects and technologists in the construction process?

The architect creates the plans for the structural changes in your home. This is the basis for the contractor to understand the design and function as well as the materials and overall scope of work. If you use a self-designed plan or one that has been created by an unlicensed contractor, there can be problems. Often details are omitted or the plans are not to scale. A mistake of only an inch can be disastrous.

The architect is responsible for the durability, functionality, and harmony of the design.

An architect will work with you in the initial planning stages with advice on the options available for your type of project and provide insight into benefits and disadvantages.

The main stages are:

  • Conception – This is where the client and architect exchange ideas and develop a rapport. With active listening on both sides, a productive design concept will result.
  • Creation – The architect will then convert the ideas into sketches and drawings. Details can be adjusted to arrive at the best solution.
  • Realization – Once the final plans have been completed, approved and construction is planned, the architect is still available for clarification. If the contractor has concerns or questions, the architect is consulted.
At the end of the project, the architect will still be available to be sure the building is appropriate for use.

Do I need an architectural plan?

Sometimes people feel that a contractor can do the job without an architectural rendering, based on the contractor’s experience and skills. By law there are a number of projects that need an architect’s services. But even if your project doesn’t, an architect offers construction designs at competitive prices.

To know if your project really needs an architect, technologist, engineer, or other similar professional, contact your municipality.

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They will be happy to explain the types of projects that need the expert’s touch.

  • Architect – New construction, home expansion, water infiltration problems, and all commercial, industrial, and institutional projects.
  • Licensed Technologist OAA (Ontario only) – Maximum 4 story residential and low-rise apartments.
  • Architectural Technologist (Quebec only) – New construction and home addition under 3200 square feet.
  • Engineer – Modification to a load-bearing wall, load calculations, home additions on a pier foundation, house lifting, balcony, or other structural issues in a building.
  • No compulsory plan – Non-structural renovations and finishing projects.