Woodstove and Fireplace

Wood Stove & Fireplace Permits

Many people are surprised to learn that to legally install any wood burning fire, chimney or masonry in the home requires a building permit and approved architectural drawings.  If you are planning on installing a fireplace, chimney liner or wood stove we can help provide the required architectural drawings and plans to get your permits approved!  Use professional architects to help keep your family safe, your project on schedule and you contractor on budget.  We can help residents of Ottawa install or renovate a fireplaces and wood stoves in the home or cottage.

A Building Permit Is Required For The Installation Of:

  • Masonry fireplace /masonry chimney;
  • Woodstove and chimney;
  • Pellet stove (wood, corn, grain, etc);
  • Fireplace insert /chimney liner;
  • Pre-manufactured fireplace and chimney.

Fireplace Architectural Drawings

What kind of architectural drawings will your require when hiring a contractor and applying for building permits?  Most municipalities require a floor plan, cross section, CSA Certified installation guide, and a site plan if work is being done to the exterior chimney. 

-Floor Plan

-Cross Section

-CSA Installation Guide

-Site Plan (Chimneys)

Before beginning any fireplace or wood stove construction project, it is essential to obtain the proper permits from your local municipality. The type of permits required will vary depending on the scope of the project, By ensuring that all the required drawings are submitted with your application, you can help to ensure a smooth and efficient approval process.

Once you get your architectural drawings you will submit documents to the municipality in order to get building permits. In the case for Ottawa you will submit 2 copies of the proposed plans, and a  receipt for the fees, completed application form.   Permits are usually approved within -3 weeks depending on the complexity, scope and season.  Your project manager will help ensure your permit application is completed before you submit.  An organized permit application will help prevent delays and keep city development officers content.

Scheduling Building Permit Inspections

Working with an architect makes building your construction project an easy task! We help keep your permits legal and organized by scheduling and supervising the required building inspections to keep all construction up to the standards of the Ontario Building Code.

When you’re ready to build, it’s important to find the right professionals to help you with the process. Working with an architect can make your construction project much easier. We can help you keep your permits in order and schedule the required building inspections. We’ll also make sure that all construction meets the standards of the Ontario Building Code. In addition, we can provide advice and guidance throughout the entire process, from design to completion. So if you’re looking for a hassle-free construction experience, be sure to work with an architect. We’ll make sure everything goes smoothly, so you can focus on your business.

Why Work With An Architect For Fireplace, Chimney & Wood Stove Renovations?

When you’re ready to start your construction project, the first step is finding the right architect. A qualified architect will help you turn your vision into reality, while also keeping your construction project on track and within budget. During the design phase, your architect will develop a detailed plan for your project that takes into account your specific needs.  Once construction begins, your architect & manager oversee the progress and coordinate with the various contractors to ensure that everything is built to plan. In addition, your architect will schedule and supervise the required building inspections to ensure that all construction meets the standards of the Ontario Building Code. With an experienced architect on your team, you can be confident that your construction project will be a success.