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Professional help planning and designing custom renovations, luxury homes, cottages and more! Meet a project manager and designer during a free consultation. We want to turn your dream into reality!

Building Permits, Drafting, Design & More

Our team consists of professional architects, engineers, designers, and technologists providing expert advice at every step of the way.  Your designer will help you plan the style and the project manager helps with building permit approval, scheduling inspections and overseeing construction.  Trust us to plan, design and build your dream project!

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Get a full range of architectural and design services to residential and commercial clients. Based in Ottawa, the architects at highbridge Construction employ industry experts available to help with more than just architecture. The real estate team that can help with land appraisals, purchases and sales. Need a construction load or financing? Helping clients acquire loans, navigate construction contracts and help guide you when building a custom home. There to take the stress out of your build, so that you can focus on making your dream home a reality. Contact us today to learn more about design services.

We provide


  • Architectural Drawings
  • Structural Drawings
  • Mechanical Drawings


  • Handrawings to CAD Drawings
  • Scanned drawings to CAD Drawings
  • Conceptual Sketches to CAD Drawings


  • Real Estate Professionals
  • Architects & Designers
  • Building Owners & Managers


  • Architectural Photorealistic Renderings
  • Interior Design Renderings
  • Product Marketing Renderings


  • Blackline Drawings
  • Realistic presentation Floor plans
  • Marketing Floor plans


  • Residential Permits
  • Non-Residential Permits
  • Other Permits

Why choose Highbridge Architectural Drawing?

Highbridge Architectural Drawing are experts in the field of building design, permit process, and working with construction companies.

Simplicity – Design, securing permits, and monitoring construction is a complex process but our years of experience means we make it simple for you as the client.

Reputation – We provide quality service and offer sound advice based on the years we have devoted to the architectural process. We are known for the ethical manner in which we operate and the success of working with companies, individuals, and municipalities.

Experience – From simple home improvement projects to large municipal complexes, we are able to provide the support and expertise necessary to complete your project to exceed your expectations.

Team – We have hired and developed qualified professionals including designers, urban planners, project managers and all of the support staff necessary to complete your project.

Expertise – Drawing on the skill set of our professional team, we guide our clients through the entire process starting with the design. We understand the various intricacies of the regulations, permits, and inspections necessary to provide a completed, approved project.

Single Point of Contact – It is very annoying to deal with various people during a construction project. We simplify the experience by having a single point of contact between our firm and the client. This individual will walk the client through each step of the operation so that there is a complete understanding at all times.

Flexibility – Because we are a small organization, we are able to adjust many of our procedures to fit your schedule or needs.

Cost-effective – We understand the concern of our clients to be careful with their money. We are adept at efficiency and the resulting cost savings.

Conscientious – We have a team that understands your desire to be kept in the loop. We strive to return all phone calls, emails and texts as rapidly as possible.

Success – We are proud of the fact that we operate at a 99% success rate. It is our habit to offer alternative solutions. If the adjustment cannot be accomplished at a reasonable price, we will make every effort to find another choice. The ultimate decision is that of the client.


    Securing all the necessary permits can be a perplexing issue for some companies. We have the experience to navigate the local offices and have successfully secured the following types of permits for our customers.

    Commercial Permit


    • Restaurant Design & Permits
    • Hotel/Motel Design & Permits
    • Commercial Addition Permits
    • Industrial Building Alterations & Addition
    • Retail Facility Drawings & Permits
    • Long term care renovations

    Residential Permit

    • Home Addition Permits
    • Interior Alteration Permits
    • Basement Walk-out Permits
    • Secondary Unit Basement Permits
    • Decks/ Landscaping Permits
    • Detached/Attached Garage Addition
    • Laneway Suite Permits
    • Sun room Permits
    • Load Bearing Wall Removal Permits


    • Change of Land use
    • Preliminary zoning Check
    • Minor Variance
    • Re-Zoning/ Land Severing applications
    • Site plan Approvals
    • Tree removal permits
    • Conversation authority approvals
    • Heritage protection authority Approvals