Basement Renovations

Get Professional Architectural Drawings & Plans

Get professional help renovating your basement with our team of architects, designers and builders.  Our team of architects, designers and builders can help you get started on planning the perfect basement renovation for your lifestyle and budget. No matter the current condition of your basement, we can help you build a bathroom, remove load bearing walls and give you the luxury basement renovation you always dreamed of! Plus, our team has years of experience in renovating basements, so you can rest assured knowing that your renovation is in good hands. So what are you waiting for? Contact us today to get started on your dream basement renovation!

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Types Of Architectural Drawings For Basement Renovations

Depending on the size and scope of your basement renovation project, you may need one or more of the following architectural drawings: 

-Floor plans show the layout of each level of the house, including interior walls, staircases, doors, and windows. If you’re planning to reconfigure the layout of your basement, you’ll need a new floor plan. The architect will ensure the structure is solid and the designer will help you visualize and perfect your plan.

-Elevations are two-dimensional views of the front, back, and sides of the house. They show the accurate heights and sizes of all exterior features, including windows, doors, and rooflines. If you’re planning to add or remove any exterior elements, you’ll need new elevations. These drawings can be required if making changes to the exterior by installing egress windows, or new entrances.

-Sections are cuts through the building that show how different floors are connected. They can be helpful in understanding complex layouts, such as staircases or hallways that connect multiple levels. If you’re planning any major changes to the internal layout of your basement, you may need new sections.

-Details are close-up views of specific elements, such as windows, doors, fireplaces, or built-in cabinets. They show the construction methods and materials that will be used in these areas. Basements might include built in shelving, home automation or in floor heating that could require extra detail

What Features To Include In your Basement Renovation?

When you’re ready to renovate your basement, the first step is to meet with a designer. They’ll help you plan the space so that it suits your lifestyle and includes all the features you’re looking for. From cellars and bars to home theaters and bedrooms, there are endless possibilities for what your basement can become. But it’s important to remember that function comes first. You need to make sure the space is laid out in a way that makes sense for how you want to use it. With a little planning and some help from a professional, you can turn your basement into the perfect space for your needs.

Basement Renovation Building Permits Made Easy With Architectural Drawings

Architectural drawings are required to obtain the required permits before renovating your basement. Detailed architectural drawings can be the difference between your renovation being approved and being rejected. We have the experience working with cities to provide plans that hopefully get approved on the first application. Let us help your obtain building permits, pass inspections and keep your renovation on time and on budget!