About Us

About Us

We are an Ottawa-based design and build company. Our team consists of professional architects, engineers, designers, and project managers who produce functional, sustainable, yet modern and luxurious spaces.

We work with both residential and commercial clients to solve spacial problems in property design and development. We produce exceptional work from inception to final walk through. We can provide customized designs or offer an array of proven plans.

We employ creativity and integrity to follow through with our clients with the passion and empathy you expect from a professional organization. Quality is the benchmark and innovation is our passion.

Our Mission

Our goal is to become the leader in the community for home and work spaces designed to function appropriately and still provide the ambiance requested. We have a history of providing the solutions to a variety of challenges and are known for our integrity and results.

Skill Set

Every company comes with its own set of skills and abilities. Ours are far ranging to serve the needs of a diverse group of customers.

General Consulting – We have successfully provided general consulting for real estate and related issues.

Architecture – We employ professional architects and architectural technologists who are experienced in converting your concepts into workable solutions. We are on the job from the design phase through final approval. We are experts at handling any issues that may arise.

Engineering – From simple ergonomic work spaces to residential overhauls, we are able to create economical and effective solutions for your building or home. From complex to simple, we are filled with suggestions to make your space the way you want and need it.

Design – It all starts with the design concept. Our teams are equally comfortable working with an interior space or will help with the exterior of your residence or company. We understand the need to create an appealing yet functional space and will work within your parameters to make that happen.

Drafting – Using the latest CAD technology, we use our drafting department to create the right aesthetics for your needs. Simple or complex, we can still make an space become a showplace.

Project Management – At the crux of our services is the excellent project management offered by our firm. We take full responsibility to ensure a timely, cost conscientious, and coordinated effort to complete the construction or redesign.

Permits – We take care of securing all permits and clearances from local, provincial or other agencies. This saves you time and frustration and the confidence in our abilities to succeed.

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