Garage Architectural Drawings

Our architects can help you plan and build a new garage on your home in Ottawa. Architects provide the necessary drawings and plans to obtain building permits and so that contractors can price the jobs accurately to meet your budget.  Once we have the plans in place, we’ll handle all the necessary paperwork and applications to obtain the building permits. Finally, we’ll work with contractors to get accurate pricing for the job so that it fits within your budget, over see construction. With our help, you can rest assured that your new garage will be built to your exact specifications and within your budget. Contact us today to get started on building a new garage in your home.

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Building A New Garage With An Architect

For residential houses in Ottawa can help design and build carports, attached or detached garages and storage buildings. Garages aren’t just a place to park your car… they extend the square footage of your home and can create a new untapped room in the house.

How Can Architect Help Design Your Garage?

When you want to build a new garage, it’s important to work with an experienced architect who can help turn your vision into reality. There are a lot of factors to consider when designing a new garage, from the size and layout of the space to the materials and finishes that will be used. An experienced architect will be able to help you navigate all of these options and make sure that your new garage is functional and stylish. They will also be familiar with the building code requirements in Ottawa, ensuring that your new garage is up to code and building permits are approved.

When you’re building a new garage, you want to make sure you get all the features on your architectural wish list. That includes an exterior to match your existing home and modern features like electric vehicle car chargers, alarms and other smart home technologies. We can help you get everything you want in your new garage so you’ll be happy with the finished product. Contact us today to get started on your new garage project and help you create the perfect space for your needs.

On-Grade Vs. Structural Garage Floor Foundation

The main difference between on grade and structural garage floor foundations is that an on grade foundation is built directly on the ground while a structural foundation will have a room under it. On grade foundations are typically used in areas where the ground is level and stable, and the majority of homes in Ottawa have a on-grade foundation.

The type of foundation you choose for your garage will depend on several factors, including your design, budget, local building codes and whether the space is for residential or commercial use.

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Getting Building Permits For Renovating & Restoring Old Garages In Ottawa

Often times home owners in Ottawa will hire an architect to help repair garages with crumbling foundations, cracked walls, sinking floors, cracked cement, etc. These are all symptoms of weakened structure that could have been caused by a number of different problems including age, soil erosion or physical damage.

Architects can help you repair garages with cracked walls, sinking floors, and crumbling foundations. These are all symptoms of weakened structure that could have been caused by a number of different problems, including age, soil erosion, or physical damage. The first step in repairing a garage is to identify the cause of the problem. If the cause is soil erosion, the architect will recommend measures to stabilize the soil and prevent further erosion. If the cause is physical damage, the architect will determine the best way to repair the damage and reinforce the structure. In either case, the goal is to restore the garage to its original strength and stability.

Let our professional team help restore your garage’s foundation and ensure professional and long lasting results with a set of architectural drawings that are engineered to solve the problem permanently.

Types Of Architectural Drawings Needed For Garage Permits

What types of architectural drawings are usually required when obtaining building permits to renovate or build a new garage in Ottawa? It is important to be aware of the different types of architectural drawings that may be required in order to obtain the necessary permits. The most common type of drawing is the site plan, which provides an overview of the property and shows the location of the proposed garage. Other drawings that may be required include floor plans, elevation plans, and cross-sections.

These drawings provide more detailed information about the proposed garage, and can help to ensure that it meets all the necessary requirements. With the right documents in hand, obtaining a permit for a garage renovation or new construction project can be a straightforward process, even in Ottawa.

Designing A Garage, Carport or Boat House For Your Cottage?

If you are considering adding a garage or other outbuilding to your cottage property, our architects can help with garages, carports and boat houses. We work with cottage owners across Ontario to provide the architectural drawings needed to construct new structures outside the city of Ottawa. We can help design and plan for many types of additions, not just for your home but also for custom-built cottages. In addition to providing the plans and drawings, we can also offer advice and guidance on the construction process, helping you to realize your vision for your perfect cottage retreat. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you with your next building project.

Get Professional Architectural Drawings When Building A New Garage

Call as soon as you’re ready to start planning your new garage. We’ll use our combined experience in engineers, construction & design plan and build the best garage for your needs and budget. You’ll be assigned a project manager to help you liaise between your architectural drawings, inspections, permits and we’ll advocate for you during the construction phase so you know your garage is built to specification. Get a free consultation and find out how we can help design, renovate or build your dream garage in Ottawa!