Custom Homes & Renovations In Orleans Ontario

Building a custom home or undertaking a major renovation is a big project. There’s a lot to think about including designing the project, getting the permits and choosing a contractor. If you are looking to renovate or build a new home working with us is the easiest way to get the plans required to take your project to the next stage. We offer more than just architects! Choosing us means you’ll get a dedicated project manager and access to a team of industry professionals including lawyers, relators, interior designers & contractors. Get professional help at every step of the way, book a free consultation today.

Orleans Custom Renovations & Building Permits

Undertaking a major renovation in Orleans? Work with our team of architects, project managers and designer to ensure construction goes smoothly. We help not just with planning but also we can help you acquire the necessity building permits for luxury renovations in Orleans.  Whether you are looking to add an in-law suite, coach house, secondary dwelling or renovate the basement we have industry experts to help at every step of the including real estate, financing and legal help.

In the area building permits are overseen by The City of Ottawa (https://ottawa.ca/en/planning-development-and-construction/building-and-renovating/building-permit-approval-process). Here are renovations that we can help get you a building permit for in Orleans:

  • the addition of a carport, garage, new rooms or floors
  • any alteration to a building, such as the addition of a deck, balcony, canopy or dormer;
  • excavation work for the construction or expansion of a basement
  • construction of a building with a floor area of more than 108 square feet (garage or other);
  • replacement of doors or windows when the structure must be modified;
  • renovations, repairs or structural modifications to a building (removal of a partition or load-bearing wall)
  • installation of a wood stove, furnace, fireplace or chimney
  • finishing a basement;
  • installation of a sign or structural tower;
  • change in the use of a building (example: from residential to commercial);
  • installation of a new roof structure on a building (except replacement of roof shingles)
  • construction of a retaining wall greater than 1 metre in height as defined by the Building Code
  • installation or modification of the plumbing system;
  • installation of solar panels on a building.

Building A Custom Home In Orleans

In Orleans Ontario, the real estate market is competitive and the properties for sale are limited. This means that only well-established investors will be able to build and afford a custom home in this postal code. However, we have a team of architects, engineers, technologists and designers who are ready to help you plan your drawings and prepare for building a luxury home. With our experience and expertise, we will be able to assist you in creating a custom home that meets your needs and budget. If you’re considering making a move to the area, here’s some information that may help you decide if this is the right location for you.

Living In Orleans

Orleans is a suburb of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. It is located in the eastern portion of the city, on the Ottawa River. Orleans’ population was 108,188, making it the fourth-largest community in the city of Ottawa. Orleans has a wide range of housing options and a strong real estate market. The majority of residences are single-family homes, but there are also a significant number of townhomes and apartments. Orleans is a desirable place to live for families and young professionals alike, and as a result, homes in Orleans tend to be priced higher than in other parts of the city. Orleans is the perfect place for professionals, young families and retirees to build a custom home, if they can afford the competitive market!

Lots To Build Custom Homes In Orleans

Orleans is a mature and popular suburb in East Ottawa. Due to the demand for homes in the area purchasing a lot in the area is very competitive! When purchasing property to design and build a custom home our team can help with real estate and finances, not just designing your home.  When purchasing property in Orleans, it is important to work with a team that understands the market and can help you secure the best possible deal. As a result, we can help you navigate the complicated process of purchasing property and designing your dream home.

Looking for land to purchase in order to build a custom home? Check out the properties available for sale in the area, start your search for the perfect property here: https://www.realtor.ca/on/ottawa/orleans/land-for-sale

Property Taxes On Custom Homes In Orleans

When considering designing and building a custom home, it is important to factor in all potential liabilities. For many people, one of the three largest annual expenses is property taxes. Understanding the property tax rate in the area where you plan to build your home can help you budget more accurately and make informed decisions about your overall design. In Orleans Ontario, the average property tax rate is 1.42%. This means that for a home with an assessed value of $400,000, the annual property tax bill would be $5,680. Property taxes are just one of many factors to consider when designing and building a custom home, but they can have a significant impact on your overall budget. By taking the time to understand the property tax landscape in Orleans Ontario, you can make sure that your custom home design fits both your needs and your budget.

Orleans Architecture Drawings & Drafting Service

When planning for a custom renovation or designing a custom home here are the kinds of architectural drawings and plans we can provide. We have a team of architects, engineers and technologists who can provide precise and detailed plans that make obtaining permits easier and finding the right builder a lot easier!

  • Presentation Drawings
  • Concept Drawings
  • Elevation Drawings
  • MEP Drawings
  • HVAC Drawings
  • Building Plans
  • Site Plans
  • Floor Plans
  • Foundation Plans
  • Roof Framing Plans
  • Section Views